Matthew Henderson

Owner & operator

Opened his doors in 2014


Cashier, Barista, Production

Started December 19 2017

​​​Est. 2014

Brittany Gagnon

 Store Manager  & Chocolatier

Started October 1st 2016

 Adirondack Chocolatier has always kept their circle small having only a handful of associates on staff at a time and an ample amount of helping hands from family and friends. All of our staff and helping hands go through an extensive training process that covers everything you need to know about chocolate, food safety and so much more. We are very proud and thankful for all of our staff and helping hands who have become more like family than anything and we are proud to announce we will be going into the 2018-2019 season with all of the same great team as last year! If your interested in being a part of our always growing team going into our next season send us an email at


Cashier, Barista, Delivery Drive

Started in fall 2016


Cashier, Barista, Production

Started July 5th 2016