Our chocolates

All of our chocolates, barks, truffles, nuts, and pretzels are $2.00 oz.

We feature an ever-so-changing extensive variety of gourmet handmade chocolates. Our variety changes often so we may not have some of the items below in stock. However we do fill custom orders!

*Almond Coconut                    

*Butter Cream                  

*Creamy Caramel                

*Chocolate Caramel Cream

*Chocolate Cream                  

*Coconut Cream                

*Coconut Clusters              

*Key Lime Cream

*Cherry Cordials                

*Nut Clusters                    

*Orange Cream                          

*Peanut butter

*Peanut Butter & Jelly                     


*Raspberry Cream            

*Sea Salted Carmel              

*Strawberry Cream                   


We carry a creative line of various chocolate barks; currently we have the following available in dark, milk, white or peanut butter chocolates: 

*Bacon infused dark chocolate

*Pumpkin Spice with candied pumpkin spice almonds (dark and white)

*Spicy cayenne infused bark with/without almonds (dark and white)

*Dark chocolate swirled with mint chocolate

*Nutty peanut butter bark with almonds and dark chocolate drizzle

*Oreo cookie infused bark (milk and white)

*Dark chocolate with mixed nuts and white chocolate drizzle

*White chocolate with mixed nuts and dark chocolate drizzle

*Milk chocolate with mixed nuts and dark chocolate drizzle 

We have a yummy selection of hand-dipped truffles; all truffles are available in all of our gourmet chocolate blends; dark, milk, or white.

*Cookies and cream center (dark, milk, white)

*Cookie dough center (dark, milk, white)

*Fudge center (dark, milk, white)

*Peanut butter fudge center (dark, milk, white)

Old-fashioned style fudge; just the way Grandma made it! Currently available in the following flavors: $2.49 sl. / $7.99 1/2lb. / $14.99 lb. 

*Dark chocolate      

*Milk chocolate      

*White chocolate        

*Cookies and Cream            

*Peanut Butter 

Chocolate covered bacon – Fully submerged in your favorite gourmet chocolate, a local favorite! $3.49 sl. (3 for $9.00 SPECIAL)$15.99 ½ lb.$27.99 lb. 

Hand-dipped fruits in your favorite gourmet chocolate! Available in dark, milk, and white chocolate, please pre-order for the freshest local fruits available in Southwest Florida. $6.99 ¼ lb. / $12.99 ½ lb. / $24.99 lb. 






We carry a wide variety of ever changing homemade candy!  

*Caramel coconut patties       

*Mint chocolate patties          

*Chocolate covered gummy bears    

*Chocolate covered pretzels    

*Chocolate lollipops              

*Oatmeal chocolate cookies


*Almond Toffee                      

*Solid chocolate bars

Various chocolate covered nuts and espresso beans, Sugar-free options available.

*Dark Chocolate covered espresso beans                                     

*White chocolate covered espresso beans

*Dark chocolate covered Almonds                                                

*Dark chocolate covered cashews

*Dark Chocolate covered Blueberries                                            

*Ultimate bridge mix (sugar-free)

*Dark Chocolate Covered almonds (sugar-free)                     

*Dark chocolate covered espresso beans (sugar-free)

We are now selling our gourmet compound chocolate for those do-it-at-home chocolate lovers for $19.99 lb.

*Extra Dark chocolate

*Milk Chocolate

*White Chocolate

We also feature a variety of candies, please come check out our stores!